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IBC Content Everywhere Europe Hub

IBC Content Everywhere Europe Hub

The IBC Content Everywhere Europe Hub, located in Hall 14, hosts a programme of free sessions and product demonstrations exploring the exciting opportunities behind the ‘content everywhere’ concept.

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Each daily programme consists of two hour-long sessions and panel discussions looking at consumer behaviours, business models and technologies that drive the growth of content engagement over connected devices.

The Hub also showcases a series of short demonstrations exhibiting the latest products and services that are shaping the development of new connected technologies; and looking at their effect on traditional broadcast media.

The Hub is also a convenient central location for informal meetings and networking.

You can see a selection of the presentations from the IBC Content Everywhere Hub on the IBC Video on Demand site, at IBCCE.org/VOD

09 Sep 2016
  1. TV CDNs: How to Deliver Amazing TV over IP Networks

    How do we scale today’s TV services when peak-hour traffic continues to increase? More viewers are watching broadcast-independent content in 4K or even virtual reality. So delivering time-shift TV, cloud DVR, fast channel change and ad insertion needs a robust and efficient solution.

    Removing general-purpose CDNs from IP-enabled content delivery, the next generation of TV services must adopt a new, TV-specific CDN. This presentation describes how TV CDNs give content owners control over their content delivery with:

    •         A quality viewing experience with a rich set of services

    •         Cost-effective ways to deal with huge traffic growth

    •         Insight and control over the viewing experience for content providers

  2. How to Successfully Stream Live Events, At-Scale
    Hub Theatre

    The OTT industry is abuzz about the potential of live video. But implementing a live video stream without glitches and delays can be more difficult than initially expected. There are many questions to consider, including: What kind of technology is needed to successfully support a live stream? What kind of network does it need to run on? How can content creators troubleshoot if there are problems during the broadcast? In this informative session, Verizon Digital Media Services vice president of global media & entertainment sales Jason Friedlander will address these questions, talking more about the essential tools and resources needed to successfully stream a live event, at-scale.

  3. Building a Unified, Personal and Secure Multiscreen Service
    Hub Theatre

    Operators looking to launch large-scale multiscreen services face three core challenges:

    •    Deploying a unified and seamless user experience across all devices
    •    Ensuring compliance with the latest security requirements
    •    Retaining subscribers in the operator’s branded environment.

    In this presentation, ACCESS will demonstrate how operators can save on development costs, increasing customer loyalty and secure media sharing regardless of the device used to access the service.

    By using the right technology, operators can improve customer's user experience; increase subscriber retention within their branded environment and knowledge of end-users’ habits, regardless of the mix of public, private and premium contents. Attendees will discover how, by applying a Digital Rights Management compliant with the latest security requirements, they can utilise the full content owner's portfolio. In addition, the session will show how, by aggregating data about the consumer’s content preferences and devices used to access each video, operators can automatically adapt the service to the latest consumer trends and evolving tastes in an automated way.  

    Finally, this presentation will enable operators to discover the latest developments in multiscreen management and show them how they can become trusted advisors for content recommendation. 

  4. IBC's Introduction to OTT
    Hub Theatre

    'Over The Top' (OTT) distribution of video online has allowed new entrants to launch new services that aren't bound by the conventions of traditional linear broadcast. However, OTT also opens up new opportunities for broadcasters and independent content creators to reach viewers on their smartphones or tablets and for viewers to catch-up at their own convenience.

    This first Hub session of IBC2016 will provide a beginners guide to OTT and content everywhere, explaining:

    •  How content is made available online
    • The technologies and the jargon such as codecs and encoding, muxing and streaming players
    • Who the different players are, what they do and how they fit together
    • Content security and digital rights management
    • Managing rapid technological evolution
    • The importance of the user-experience
    • Who pays what and to who
  5. Cloud Nirvana: Having your cake and eating it!
    Hub Theatre

    The media space is moving fast with new technology and challenges emerging on a regular basis. This rate of change is unlikely to slow. All media companies are examining how the cloud is relevant to their business. There are lots of whitepapers, buzzwords, concerns and opinions but it's not always clear what is best practice for content owners, broadcasters and service providers. This session aims to clearly define a workable cloud model that suits the media sector and its own specific needs. Content owners, broadcasters and service providers are facing huge challenges:

    • How to distribute and monetise multiscreen content cost efficiently and with high QoS
    • How to optimise the mix and costs of on prem hardware, virtualised and cloud architectures
    • Retaining enough flexibility to be able to adapt to changing technical standards, new technologies and new business models

    The solution is co-located hybrid cloud which allows content owners, broadcasters and service providers to get the benefits of their existing technology combined with the benefits of the major cloud platforms all located in high performance, low latency and secure datacentres. This presentation will share the concept, the benefits and workflows possible by using co-located hybrid Cloud and the insights from how some of the west coast media giants achieve high QoS cdistribution This is a must see session to realise the benefits of cloud for media companies.

  6. How to Deliver Ultra HD-Quality Videos in a Multi-Screen Environment
    Hub Theatre

    End-users are demanding ever higher quality for their videos – and are viewing them on more and more different devices. This poses all kinds of challenges to content providers. During this presentation, Julien will discuss the various open source solutions that are available today and share best practices. This presentation is aimed at a technical professionals working with online video platforms. You can expect to learn about:
    • Challenges associated with multi-device delivery of high-quality videos
    • Available open source solutions to deliver live and VOD multi-screen streams
    • Best practices to deliver media to multiple devices while maintain a unified user experience
    • The best technology deployment strategy and cost considerations  

  7. Server Side Playlists: The alternative for manifest manipulation
    Hub Theatre

    The rise of online ABR / HTTP streaming for VOD and Live introduces an opportunity for advertisement. As people watch more and more individually and less all together on the 'big screen' advertisement may become more personalised. This trend towards individual viewing also has the effect that traditional revenue streams from linear TV are under pressure. However, traditional ways of doing player side ad insertion are being countered by the rise of ad blockers. Server side ad insertion on the other hand, has quite a few benefits:

    • Works everywhere, on all devices as they see only one stream
    • No player development required
    • Larger audience as it 'just works' without any device development
    • Flexible, changes can be made server side, without having to update devices
    • Best user experience
  8. OTT for Sport and Live Events
    Hub Theatre

    Sport has traditionally been a major catalyst for innovation in linear television but what about for OTT online video?

    Marquee events such as the Sochi Winter Olympics and Germany's Bundesliga are driving dramatic growth in the consumption of live-streamed OTT video. Case studies will provide insight into the tools and techniques that have been developed to provide access to live-streaming, near real-time clips, and other products and monetisation strategies for the growing streaming landscape. Panelists will also discuss the importance of perfecting their business models, harnessing data to stay relevant and creating streamlined editorial and technical workflows.

  9. Levelling the playing field: Launching a premium streaming service with the Simplestream Cloud TV Platform
    Hub Theatre
    Virtualisation is aggressively shaping the future of broadcast, creating opportunities for new media companies to break into the market and scale-up while enabling traditional broadcasters to innovate with agility as quickly as companies like Netflix and Amazon. The ability to streamline the ingest, storing, editing and layout of content across broadcast and OTT through a single unified cloud-based workflow means that every content provider can deliver high quality and diverse video services to millions of consumers flexibly, cost effectively and at scale. In this case study led session, Simplestream will demonstrate how the playing field can be levelled for media networks and telecommunications providers of all sizes looking to launch mass-market multiscreen video services – from live streaming to TVEverywhere, catch-up, real-time editing and clipping, social syndication and live-to-VOD – by reducing the complexity and costs of multi-platform delivery, adding functionality and flexibility, and increasing audience reach globally.  
  10. OTT Subscription Journey: Maximising Conversion and Minimising Churn

    OTT video revenues are projected to more than double in Western Europe, reaching nearly $6 billion by 2021. Successfully managing your customer subscription journey is therefore crucial in acquiring subscribers and managing churn. MPP Global has defined 5 key areas of the subscription customer lifecycle, which include identifying anonymous users, registration, paying, consuming and managing churn. The company will demonstrate how its enterprise user management and subscription platform, eSuite, empowers leading media organisations such as Sky, News Corp and Bonnier to grow subscriber numbers and digital revenues. Join our session where our OTT specialist Chris Welsh (VP, TV & Sport, EMEA) will cover:

    • Subscription billing optimisation for viewers/fans within TV & Sport

    • How eSuite empowers video service providers to manage all aspects of the subscription lifecycle

    • Specific monetisation models eg. MVOD, SVOD, TVOD and PPV

    • Techniques to retain customers

    • Next-gen OTT: the end of the beginning

    • Real-life client examples within TV & Sport 

10 Sep 2016
  1. IEEE Networking Breakfast
    The Broadcast Technology Society is specifically involved with devices, equipment, techniques and systems related to broadcast technology, including the production, distribution, transmission and propagation aspects.  www.bts.ieee.org

    BTS invites you to join us for breakfast.
  2. The Sky's the Limit
    Hub Theatre

    Today Pay-TV operators need to adopt to the new business models and demands from their subscribers. Although IPTV/OTT industry is constantly developing main emphases is to deliver best TV experience. We believe that combination of complete fast to market End2End solutions with superb viewing experience and UI, both from the cloud, will empower operators to become Viewers’ First Choice with Beenius.

    Since 2007 Beenius development is focused on bringing novel solutions for the operators, the new solution a cloud-based OTT service simplifies the production of interactive television for those providers who are looking for versatile platform that enables hybrid, IPTV and OTT on Linux, Android and Smart devices. Operators can have its own branding, functionalities and specific technical solutions to fit its projects. With Beenius in the Cloud operator can acquire new customers and ensure a ubiquitous presence all the time, anywhere, on every device, and on all types of access networks. Beenius in the Cloud enables complete service from transcoding to packaging, encryption, publishing, recommendations and final delivery. It enables quick and easy monetization of the N-Screen environment and offers to providers to deliver high quality VOD and Live TV video anytime, anywhere, on any device to all the viewers.

  3. Dynamic Ad Insertion for Live Simulcast: Making personalisation count
    Hub Theatre

    Live simulcast has become a major focus for broadcasters over the last 12 months, partly because of the exponential growth of online audiences and partly because of the unexpectedly high returns available through dynamic ad insertion (DAI).

    In this presentation Yospace will outline the reasons why server-side DAI is having such an impact, from personalisation to user experience. We'll also cover the key integrations required to deliver ad replacement that meets user expectations set by linear TV, while being robust enough to support major event traffic. We'll draw on our experience of major events, such as this summer's Euro2016 and Copa America Centenario football tournaments, explaining how reliability at scale is achieved in an environment where viewers press play within 5 minutes of kick-off and often watch streams for well over 2 hours.

    Boasting a customer base that includes Sky, ITV, Channel 4, ITV and DIRECT, Yospace is well placed to discuss some of the successes in major broadcaster's recent deployments, including consistent reported view-through rates of over 98% - a figure that surpasses equivalent ad spots on linear television. In a world where online-only providers are posing a significant threat, we'll outline why broadcaster's futures are looking very bright.

  4. Lessons From The Field: Pros and cons of the Android based IPTV/OTT solution
    Hub Theatre

    Android based STBs have been on the market for several years. After the initial hype and early stage issues, the technology has matured and there are many Android based, interactive TV solutions deployed.

    At uniqCast, we help telcos, mobile, DVB and OTT operators to build turnkey IPTV/OTT multiscreen solutions in a cost efficient way, delivering an enjoyable TV experience to the end user. We have used Android based solutions since the beginning and have an excellent understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of Android technology. In the presentation, we will share our field experience with the Android based OTT solution, presenting pros and cons, requirements for the operators, as well as challenges that are yet to be solved.

  5. Technical Tools to Leverage Social Networks During Live Events
    Hub Theatre
    More and more live events revolve not only around live TV but also around social networks which are an essential addition to the success of a global event. As a result, fast communication and fan interaction through social networks is necessary. Hexaglobe's new Advanced Replay software provides the necessary tools to engage to quickly publish to social networks and engage the audience.
  6. Practicalities of Global, Regional and Local OTT
    Hub Theatre
    In theory, OTT distribution can target a global market. However, cultural, linguistic, technical and regulatory differences, as well as content rights, need to be taken into consideration when developing business plans and deploying services. Experts from Europe and Asia will discuss the critical success factors for content creators and service providers with ambitions to distribute content online. Panelists will be able to share first-hand experience gained across various European markets, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand and seek to identify the key differences between strategies targeted at discrete national markets and regional services.
  7. Capture the Connected Consumer and Power Your Digital Revenue Growth
    Hub Theatre

    The always-on, digitally evolved content ecosystem has completely transformed consumer expectations. Today's consumers expect video and other digital content experiences to be seamless, portable and always available, while behind the scenes, the deployment and support of next-generation systems able to maintain a differentiated customer experience is anything but seamless. With 77 percent of viewers engaging with (at least!) a second screen like a smartphone or tablet while watching TV, video providers are exploring new customer engagement strategies designed to attract multiscreen consumers. This is where CSG's Ascendon Digital comes into play - enabling consumers to watch live or on-demand video on multiple devices, and powering compelling, consistent and seamless consumer experiences across screens, while increasing brand loyalty and generating new revenue streams for providers. This presentation will showcase:

    • Robust electronic sell-thru (EST), transactional video on demand (TVOD) and subscription video on demand (SVOD) capabilities
    • Powerful merchandising functionality
    • Seamless customer experience across consumer devices from browsing and buying video content, to user profiles, preferences, digital entitlements, e-wallet and payment options Through this live demonstration, attendees will leave with the latest innovation and best practices for meeting the evolving needs of today's on-the-go consumer.
  8. Live Anti-Piracy/Media Compliance: How to protect your content
    Hub Theatre
    TMG provides efficient solutions to tackle free-to-air illegal broadcast off non-licensed content and to globally monitor content airing, and will be delighted to introduce its brand new range of services. TMG will outline ways to monitor pirate activity in the current context.
    Free-to-air (FTA) broadcast, especially via satellite, currently suffers from extensive piracy in emerging markets. The Middle East, Africa, Central and South East Asia are all high-potential markets to the broadcast industry and can offer great growth opportunities, provided piracy issues are tackled effectively. 
    It is therefore becoming urgent for official broadcasters and satellite operators to identify solutions to detect illegal redistribution of premium and live contents, and to take necessary action.
  9. Cloudncoder: Cable TV managed in the cloud
    Hub Theatre
    Cloudncoder.com, a live TV transcoding platform, is a flexible cloud-based encoding platform for premium linear content. The platform is capable of custom integrations to ingest satellite feeds from Europe or IP feeds from anywhere in the world through our IP Contribution Feed partners. The platform formats linear content to multi-screen formats for multi-CDN delivery. Customers who include broadcasters, pay-TV operators or newspapers with live TV content, can easily access highly scalable, professional video encoding technology without large investments.
  10. The OTT Opportunity for Mainstream and 'Minority' Sports
    Hub Theatre

    Live online streaming of sporting events is on the rise. Major sporting events across the globe have seen strong audience growth for live streaming coverage in recent years as sports fans accept shifting their viewing to tablets, smartphones, game consoles and other Web-connected devices when they can't conveniently access their large-screen TV.

    Speakers will examine the economic opportunities that live streaming offers to sports rights owners and their content production partners including for those sports that are less commonly seen on linear TV and their content production partners. Speakers will also explore the technical challenges that live streaming presents for a genre where viewers have zero tolerance for interruptions. The session will discuss the potential impact of platforms such as Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat and share insights gained in football, horse racing, boxing and in territories as diverse as Germany and Thailand.

  11. Rights Management: Leveraging industry standard metadata
    Hub Theatre
    The media and entertainment sector is changing at a rapid pace. There is more content and ways to watch than ever. In order to deliver content to growing audiences across many platforms as quickly and efficiently as possible, M&E companies frequently manage data using complex technology ecosystems. However, without an industry standard unique identifier for each piece of content, it is increasingly hard to track content consumption and viewership, which makes it challenging to fully monetize content and place ads that reach their intended audience effectively. In order to address this challenge, RSG and EIDR have worked together to provide and end-to-end media supply chain solution that tracks M&E companies' content, how it is used, and viewership.
  12. RSG Media Drinks Reception
    Hub Theatre
    Cheers! Please join RSG Media & EIDR for an evening of drinks and discussion at IBC's Content Everywhere Hub
11 Sep 2016
  1. hubee Presents Huge My Channel

    Huge My Channel is a quick tool allowing the creation of personalised channels in just a few clicks. Huge My Channel is a CMS for the shared linear integration of content channels, expediting the creation of a virtual TV offer with dozens to hundreds content partners.  

  2. Best Practices in Building an Engaging and Profitable OTT Service
    Best Practices in Building an Engaging and Profitable OTT Service In this session, industry expert, Martijn van Horssen, CEO at 24i Media will discuss how to build and deploy a robust and profitable OTT service. Martijn will provide real world tips on how to maximize customer adoption, such as recommendation techniques, social tools, and supported platforms. Also, he will discuss what pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to make your OTT service better and more profitable. This session will be valuable for business and technical stakeholders as well as content managers that are looking for a long-term OTT strategy that can support multiple use cases and business models. 
  3. IBM Cloud Video Streaming Best Practices

    Online video and streaming continues to grow at an unprecedented rate!  Learn how to watch out for some of the pitfalls and continue to meet consumer demand for the highest quality live and on demand streaming experiences. Looking to offer a reliable and scalable video streaming service? Join this session to hear IBM Cloud Video’s suggested best practices.

    • Setting quality for the highest quality scenario
    • Streaming to all devices and setting up your adaptive Bitrate stream
    • Using multiple CDN's and failovers to allow highest quality stream and redundancy
    • Connecting with social media for larger viewership

  4. Transforming the VOD UX
    Hub Theatre
    There is a wide gap in the user experience between traditional linear TV and traditional video on demand services. Linear TV offers a lean-back experience with instant access to content and low friction for the user, whereas with VOD, the user needs to take a more active role. "Smart" TVs have failed because they've always assumed more is better. Instead of evolving the television experience, TV makers have simply added to it, heaping more streams, more services, and more content onto our sets without rethinking the interfaces for accessing them. The same problem plagues the services that power those smart TVs. Cream is a concept for a new type of SVOD application. It combines the simple, elegant user interface of traditional linear TV with the power of the social web. On a high level Cream is a service where users can watch virtual linear channels, instead of browsing for specific pieces of content. The core UI of Cream is simple. The device on which you are consuming video has limited interaction and limited distractions.
  5. Turbocharging Video Delivery
    Hub Theatre
    By 2019, Cisco has predicted that 80% of the world's internet traffic will be video, up from 64% in 2014. This dramatic growth is a clear indicator of consumer appetite for convenient, anywhere video consumption and therefore provides a significant opportunity for all providers. However, it also highlights the critical need for technologies that help encode, transfer and store this colossal quantity of video data in the most efficient way to ensure consumers can receive the highest quality of experience, over any network and anywhere in the world. Using a number of examples, including Fastfilmz' mobile OTT streaming for 120 million Indian consumers, Eutelsat/RAI's UHD channel for the UEFA Euros 2016 and Sky in Italy's new Full HD IPTV platform, the session will demonstrate how V-Nova helps the industry solve three conundrums:
    • Enabling the launch of commercially viable UHD, HDR and 8K services without upgrading infrastructure
    • Extending reach to the widest audience possible via new services such as mobile video streaming and Full HD IPTV
    • Increasing revenue while keeping the costs to a minimum and future-proofing services
  6. IBM Cloud Video: Intro to the Future

    Video has arrived. It’s on every screen, and it engages everyone. For media and entertainment companies, getting video right is complicated, and the stakes are high. Video content owners today need a flexible platform that supports any business model and enables them to leverage live streaming. They also recognize that future business success lies in their ability to identify and understand consumers’ viewing habits. In order to optimize their product offering, they need full control of their analytics. This session will provide a deep dive into the capabilities of IBM’s Cloud Video Unit, and provide specific advice to attendees about: 

    • Why predictive data and analytics are the necessary edge for content owners to have in order to garner a deeper understanding of audiences
    • How solving the dark data problem can and will unlock additional value for video 
    • What it takes from a technology standpoint to best leverage live-streamed video and why it is a crucial video format to grow and retain audiences
  7. Customisation of Content and Personalisation of Experience in OTT
    Hub Theatre
    Is OTT simply a means of providing additional streams of linear broadcast output to mobile devices? Or is it a more sophisticated proposition exploiting content replacement, dynamic ad insertion and other features? Linear television providers still create a very large proportion of the live content that viewers are interested in. On the other hand, OTT services offer customised choices that appeal to viewers. How is TV consumption changing and can linear TV and OTT complement each other? Panelists will debate how customisation of content, personalisation of the user experience and learning the tastes and habits of each individual user are the key skills that all content distributors now need to master. They will also explore what multiscreen delivery really means for today's media brands, broadcasters, operators and service providers.
  8. Erstream OTT Solutions
    Hub Theatre

    How can you keep up with new technology? How do you select your CDN? How to secure and monetize your content?

    This sessions presents Erstream’s OTT solutions for end to end, secure,  multi screen support and other multi functions (multi-bitrate, multi-drm) enabling healthier content delivery.

  9. Take Back Control Over Your Content
    Hub Theatre
    With the movement to IPTV, a lot of new opportunities open up for broadcasters. A wider audience can be reached easily, and even mobile devices can be targeted with the addition of features such as ABR. Adding player functionality to incorporate advertisements to support monetisation, the market is getting closer to surpassing the functionality of linear television. Because of the rapid-paced market innovation, many are dependent on third parties such as CDNs and player vendors for keeping up with the latest technologies. In doing so, they give up control and monitoring capabilities. Join us as we explore the various ways in which you can take back control over your content and audience.
  10. The Vimond Platform: A global solution for new challenges
    Hub Theatre

    In this industry, we all fight together to offer the end user of a VOD service the best online experience - diverse and user friendly. But with such a dynamic evolution of consumers online behaviour, of markets, target audiences, the demands of broadcasters towards OTT services providers are also becoming more complex.
    The Vimond Platform is a broadcast-grade solution comprised of a suite of software application engines and modules to help content owners, broadcasters, and content distributors efficiently manage online video services for global audiences.

    It offers a comprehensive environment for managing and delivering multi-format over-the-top (OTT) services, with full facilities for all creative, logistical, and business aspects of the operation. It has a modular architecture, user-friendly tools and controls for every aspect, from ingest and encoding, through conditional access to business intelligence reporting.

    Its feature set was created to fit the needs of international customers with different, personalized requirements. With the Vimond Platform, one can manage multiple audio tracks, multiple languages, multiple content sources and multiple subtitles all on the same service. The latest version has updated features like Rights Management, optimized automatic and manual ingest flow and license management.

  11. Evolving Legacy Practices for an OTT World
    Hub Theatre
    International OTT providers are challenging traditional TV distribution practices. How do incumbent players or legacy practices evolve to reassert their relevance? How should Europe's cable operators respond to the challenge? What is the actual state of the market and what are the technology trends that need to be considered to provide cutting edge services to loyal subscribers? And what is the content discovery journey that leads today's video content consumer to find, select and watch content? Acquiring a better insight into the customer's journey is key to developing a consumer-based view of the user experience, pre, during and post watching video content. Mapping out the consumer's changing needs, behaviour, motivations and sources of influence allow better alignment across all content platforms, technology and user interfaces in order to realise maximum impact and conversion.
  12. Introducing Media Content Management Systems for Partners and Service Providers
    Hub Theatre
    Axinom products empower app agencies and service providers to cover full end-to-end media workflow for OTT and TV Everywhere solutions.
  13. Streaming Video: Challenges, opportunities and what’s to come

    To provide exemplary viewing experiences, today’s video content owners need a flexible platform that supports any business model and enables them to seamlessly leverage streaming technology. In today’s highly competitive market, the brands that will come out on top recognize that future business success lies in their ability to identify and understand consumers’ viewing habits. In this panel, representatives from IBM Cloud Video will discuss how brands can optimize product offerings and take full control of analytics. Audiences will learn:

    • Why predictive data and analytics are an essential asset for content owners, allowing them a deeper understanding of audiences so that they can make more informed decisions about their services
    • What it takes from a technology standpoint to best leverage live-streamed video, and why it is a crucial video format to grow and retain audiences
    • The importance of moving large video files through the cloud effectively and efficiently to garner real business insights without disrupting the network
    • How cloud video technology can be utilized for large scale content repository, backup, archive, collaboration and storage, helping media and entertainment companies optimize their businesses
12 Sep 2016
  1. Pulling the Plug on Tired Traditional TV

    The film-based SVOD market is becoming increasingly saturated and consumers are tired of the traditional TV experience – lack of control over content offerings, personalisation deficiency, navigation difficulty and price, among other expressed concerns. A gap still remains to appease these consumers on both fronts; the appetite for services to capture the best of new and traditional media landscapes by replicating the conventional TV experience across multiple devices, while delivering premium content on the go, has been pervasive. 

    In this session, TVPlayer will share its story of how it paved an important path through the content landscape to fill this market gap by delivering content in a way consumers want to watch it, with greater flexibility and an improved user experience than traditional linear or pay-TV services. The growing video streaming platform will also impart insights on how smaller broadcasters can compete with major players and how large content providers can best integrate to extend engagement with new generations of TV consumers seamlessly and accessibly. 

  2. A New Era: Next Generation TV
    The demand for OTT video is at a fever pitch, but content owners, broadcasters and service providers are at odds at capitalizing on a prime opportunity: translating over-the-top (OTT) video consumption into revenue. Traditional infrastructure is antiquated and must give way to being flexible to meet emerging requirements. Using current in-market examples, Quickplay, the global expert in powering premium video to any device, will discuss the challenges facing content and service providers to deliver next generation TV, with a focus on monetization and service delivery.  The presentation will also highlight key aspects of Quickplay’s Next Generation Media Enrichment and Merchandizing Service, demonstrating how to dynamically enable new commercial models (including Skinny TV bundles) and configure store front merchandising with targeted content to drive service adoption, usage, and profitability.
  3. Comarch Smart BSS as an End-to-End Solution for Modern TV, Internet and Voice Business Platforms
    Presentation of the Comarch Smart BSS All-In-One solution, which  supports business processes of modern operators:

    •       DVB-T2 television
    •       Cable and satellite television
    •       Internet Service Providers
    •       Voice – mobile and fixed

    With case study overviews of launched platforms for:

    •       ORS Austria – DVB-T2 
    •       MediaBroadcast Germany – DVB-T2
    •       Awasr Oman – ISP
  4. Harnessing the Power of Business Intelligence and Online Video Analytics
    Hub Theatre
    The ability to harness data across multiple screens and networks is becoming increasingly important to support the TV Experience and drive consumer loyalty and engagement. YOUBORA Analytics is the business intelligence solution for broadcasters, OTTs, and other media companies to support their business decision making process, promote excellent video experiences and strengthen user engagement. YOUBORA provides an end to end view of the online video delivery ecosystem that allows video providers to make the best decisions based on real time data and to ensure the best quality of experience (QoE) for final users. Together with YOUBORA's line of Smart Modules (SmartSwitch, SmartTracking, SmartAlerts & SmartReports), YOUBORA offers the most holistic and complete suite of products for video distributors to help them maximise revenues based on advanced and powerful analytics. Promoting information, YOUBORA allows video companies to solve the problems they face in a way no other solution on the market allows. Metrics provided by YOUBORA turn into insights via our Smart Modules and later into actions, helping companies expedite problem solving with actionable data and driving an effective decision making process.
  5. Video Infrastructure for the Web
    Hub Theatre
    Bitmovin is providing a full stack video infrastructure with encoding, storage, CDN, player, and analytics. The cloud encoding service is the fastest encoding solution on the market, which is 100x faster than others. The HTML5 adaptive streaming players of Bitmovin provide the fastest loading times, better streaming quality and lower buffering across multiple platforms and devices. The whole solution can be integrated via APIs which are built by developers for developers enable complete customisation of your DASH and HLS encoding workflow. The HTML5 Adaptive Streaming Player comes with at patented technology and makes our player ready for HD, UHD, Virtual Reality and 360 video formats. In this presentation we'll showcase the whole video infrastructure and how to use parts out of the infrastructure.
  6. Making a Success of Video Over IP Delivery into the Enterprise
    Hub Theatre
    Increasingly, MSOs are delivering television services directly into organizations across IP infrastructures. This creates new challenges for both them and the enterprise. The surge in video over IP in a business environment raises key questions over video quality, deliverability to unlimited viewers, content security, professional monitoring and control. IP video systems need to be able to provide solutions for organizations that are mixing different video delivery sources, ensuring isolation and clear lines of responsibility between them as well as managing video content within an enterprise environment to a diverse range of device types.
  7. Are Consumers Really Deserting Linear Television?
    Hub Theatre
    What audience data exists to support the assertion that millennials and other demographics are deserting linear television? Where is independent and authoritative audience data being collected? What does the data tell us about changing viewing habits and how stakeholders need to respond? Consumers are actually increasingly embracing a mix of linear free-to-air (FTA), pay-TV and OTT. In particular, traditional operators still have the edge over OTT insurgents when it comes to live TV and sports. Drawing on a variety of independent data, panelist will explore how viewing habits are changing, the extent to which consumers are viewing OTT to supplement pay-TV, the emergence of dip-in-and-out and the implications for business models and customer service strategies. Panellists will also discuss how data collected across a service?s infrastructure can be exploited to expand audience, reach, consumer engagement and drive profitability.
  8. Ease Live: Clickable on-air graphics
    Hub Theatre
    Ease Live integrates with existing broadcast graphics systems and enables interactive, clickable on-air graphics on any device. It also allows broadcasters to send statistics, highlights and other compelling information from their graphics systems directly to the end-users taking advantage of the data feeds already in use for the linear broadcast and makes them interactive and available also for the end users without extra need for integrations. Ease Live marks a major paradigm shift to the broadcast industry. This is the technology that makes the broadcasters close the gap between the old and new ways of experiencing television. The graphics editing of live Sport streams has been taken to a completely new level by simplifying and speeding up the creative process and minimizing resource requirements within the distribution flow.
  9. Turnkey OTT in the Cloud
    Hub Theatre
    Streaming technology certainly has evolved in recent years. From Netflix and HBO with their disruptive moves, to the BBC and Sky with new and innovative ways to reach audiences, over-the-top technology has played a pivotal role in the journey. But streaming isn't just a means to an end or a one trick pony. In this strategic session, we will explore new uses for this technology and show how entire channels are being programmed, managed and played out in the cloud. This approach represents a quantum shift and a cost effective alternative to legacy broadcast approaches to channel creation and delivery. Learn how live and on-demand content are being assembled to deliver entirely new channels to screens of all shapes and sizes - with monetisation intact. Cloud layout is no longer a diagram on a whiteboard. Come explore the new ways streaming is improving broadcast workflows.
  10. IBM Audience Insight

    Audience Insight breaks down all audience data into relevant actionable insights for use in marketing and programming strategies. Know who is watching, on what device, and what motivates them to act. Use this data to enhance and personalize their experience. This solution empowers you to make sense of the enormous volume of data in today’s digital world and manage rights and royalties to maximize revenues. With access to more meaningful audience data, you’ll gain greater leverage with advertisers. 

    This solution identifies trends and predicts the type of content programming audiences will respond to, based on viewership volume and patterns. The demo includes the analysis of linear, non-linear and third-party data sources to deliver a normalized and rationalized way to view audiences. We will walk customers through identifying, segmenting and profiling their audiences, including leveraging Watson Personality Insights. The demo shows how over-the-top (OTT) and set top box can be analyzed to reveal viewership insights and predict subscriber churn.

  11. New Technology Roadmap That Will Shape Content Everywhere
    Hub Theatre
    While the mobile industry continues to develop enhancements for 4G/LTE, work on 5G is already underway. In parallel, the Internet of Things is promised to fundamentally affect our everyday live. What is being developed? How soon will they happen? What will they mean for broadcast and digital media? This session will peer into the crystal ball and explore the prospects for 5G and the implications of concepts such as Network Function Virtualisation, Software Defined networks and Mobile Edge Computing and Cloud-RAN for online video delivery. The enhanced capabilities of 4G mobile networks based on the latest LTE Advanced pro standards as well as the plans for ETSI?s Mobile and Broadcast Convergence standards initiative will also be reviewed.
  12. A New Angle for Capturing
    Hub Theatre

    Life is about capturing the moment in its beauty and telling a story for every beautiful moment. What we do is bring you a new angle to find the beauty in your life. Carry your camera and miliboo, recording what you want to keep in your memories.

    miliboo, is specialised in tripods, monopods, Fluid head, Rocky arm jib, microphone rod and slide way.

    During this presentation we will show you our products on the big screen. We hope miliboo will bring you a new experience, and we also love your feedback.

  13. IBC2017 Content Everywhere Rebooking & Drinks
    Hub Theatre
    All IBC Content Everywhere exhibitors interested in re-booking their stand for IBC2017 are invited to come for a drink and meet to discuss requirements for the year ahead


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